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Lontek offers Graphtec data logger GL200 midi logger and Testo 174 data loggers

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Lontek  is specialist in selling data logger systems, air quality, temperature, gas analysers, light, fiberscope manufactured by Graphtec and Testo.

Graphtec data logger GL200 midi logger from Lontek is compact and multifunctional device. This system is provided with two types of ports. One with plug in USB memory and the other connected to the PC. Graphtec data logger GL200 midi logger has flash memory which is used for built in memory device. It is designed in user friendly manner. The software used helps in notifying errors and alarms.

Graphtec GL500A midi logger dual is one another type of data logger built for speed and it comes with two separate sampling modes. The GL500A midi logger provides measures abnormal events which occur during low-speed sampling and triggers high speed sampling mode. It is incorporated with 4MB of memory for acquiring data from low-speed sampling.

Testo 535 from Lontek is a carbon dioxide measuring instrument manufactured by Testo and it is ideal for building engineers. This instrument helps in long term monitoring using mean calculation and offers long term stability. It is highly reliable and durable and come with 2 channel sensors.

Data loggers from Lontek include temperature and humidity data loggers. Testo 174 data loggers help in securing the data and displays in large units. It works on battery which can be easily changed. The time in transferring the data can also be changed. Testo 174 data loggers are ideal for multiple applications.

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