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Commercial and domestic safes from London Fire & Safe

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London Fire & Safe  is specialist in providing commercial and domestic safes which suits all types of businesses including service stations, cash transactions, fast food outlets and pubs. Wide range of inground and floor safes are offered by London Fire & Safe.

These indoor and floor safes come in various types and sizes. The sizes in which these floor and inground safes are available include free standing floor safes which provide protection from fire to burglary. Key pads, locks, finger print lock and combination locks are other available sizes. The security inground safes can be operated only by the owner and it is ideal for modern garages and other commercial sectors where the takings are deposited to safe through secure deposit slot.

London Fire & Safe provides wide range of data cabinets, fire resistant filing cabinets and fire resistant cabinets which are for protecting business and personal documents during the event of fire. The domestic and commercial inground and floor safes are ideal for large floor safes for money, documents and jewellery, for protecting computer records and tapes. Floor safes are used for protecting deposits only.

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