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15 logo design tips from Logobird

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Logobird is a design blog and studio that specialises in logo design and brand identity creation for all types of clientele.

Logobird discusses here the importance of effective, clean and simple logo design and offers 15 logo design tips for the real world:

  1. Building a comprehensive design brief upfront is vital to the success of a logo design project as it will eventually become the designer’s point of reference throughout the project, ensuring that requirements are understood and everything stays on track
  2. Each logo should be approached as a problem solving exercise and designers should ask themselves what is the purpose of the logo? who does it need to appeal to? what is the client’s goal and how can designers’ help them achieve it?
  3. Simple logos equal memorable logos
  4. Less is best
  5. It is usually recommended to start with pen and paper before moving to the computer
  6. Obvious images and associations should be avoided
  7. A logo does not have to say what a company does. Logo designers should concentrate on developing a meaningful concept
  8. The focus should be on one concept, maybe two
  9. It is more effective to develop one or two really strong ideas with clients, then to produce five or six watered down concepts
  10. Logo trends should be avoided as these come and go. Logo design should be timeless
  11. Logo design is a process of weeks (often months), not days. While it is understandable that some clients have tight deadlines, expectations should be kept realistic
  12. Client feedback should always be sought
  13. Designs should be initially done in black and white
  14. Designers should think identity, not just logo, and consider how a logo could be utilised as part of an overall identity system
  15. Typography should not be neglected
  16. Logo concepts should be presented in context, including context mock-ups.

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