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Wireless music system for PC

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article image Easily stream digital music to any stereo system.

EXPERIENCING digital music just got easier with the release of the Logitech Wireless Music System for PC. The new system can stream any format of digital audio from the PC to a home stereo or to a separate speaker system with no wireless network needed; everything required is in the box.

The Wireless Music System is a simple, three-piece solution: a USB music transmitter that connects to the PC; a music receiver that plugs into a home stereo receiver or multimedia speakers through a standard RCA port or a 3.5mm jack; and a wireless remote control.

With a set up time of a few minutes, the whole range of PC audio, including an entire digital music collection, MP3 subscription service, even Internet radio, can be enjoyed in virtually any room in the home.

“The digital music revolution has given people new flexibility in how they purchase and organise their digital music – but for most people, that music is held captive on a PC,” said Marco Manera, general manager of Logitech Australia.

“With the Wireless Music System for PC, in less than five minutes, people can be listening to their favorite playlists or Internet radio on their living room entertainment set-up. It’s easy and works without any cables or adapters, without a Wi-Fi network, and without any restrictions on file format.”

The Logitech system is targeted at the growing number of people who are buying digital music tracks and subscription services through online music stores such as Apple’s iTunes or Musicmatch.

Whether they use a portable player or not, most people don’t have a good way to get their online music from the PC to their entertainment centre.

Simplicity has been the key to the design, with the transmitter and receiver being paired at manufacturing, ensuring they will instantly connect when plugged in.

Proprietary technology provides crystal-clear digital audio quality and features adaptive frequency hopping, helping the products overcome any potential wireless interference, and the USB-based PC music transmitter sends audio streams directly to the music receiver at a range of up to 100 metres.

The system also includes software that allows easy switching back and forth between listening to music on the PC and wirelessly streaming it to another room.

An infra-red remote allows control of music files from the living room couch, even though the files reside on the PC in another room. About the size of a credit card, the remote features controls such as volume up or down, mute, play, pause, skip forward and back.

It works with today’s most popular media players, including iTunes, Windows Media Player, Musicmatch, WinAmp, and RealPlayer – no need to install a new player.

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