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Professional-quality listening experience with Super.Fi 5 earphones from Logitech’s Ultimate Ears

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For digital music lovers who want a professional-quality listening experience, the Ultimate Ears’ Super.Fi 5 earphones deliver rich, detailed sound in a comfortable, compact shape. Featuring an innovative in-ear design, the Super.Fi 5 earphones offer Ultimate Ears’ award-winning speaker technologies, originally designed for musicians, to anyone who loves to listen to music on their iPod or other portable music device.

Founded in 1995 by Van Halen’s sound engineer, Ultimate Ears created the first in-ear speaker system. In 2005, Ultimate Ears began offering in-ear monitors for MP3 players, creating a universal-fit design that incorporated the sophisticated technology of their custom models.

The Super.Fi 5 earphones’ top-fire design employs a single, wideband driver to create an exceptionally accurate sound tuned for a wide range of musical genres. With a frequency response range of 15 Hz to 15 kHz and a top sound pressure level (SPL) of 115 dB, the Super.Fi 5 earphones accurately reproduce bass-thumping hip hop, the lush timbres of jazz vocals as well as the rich palette of symphonic music. The custom armature houses a proprietary tuned filter that shapes the sound for maximum effect, delivering detailed bass and crisp, clean mids and highs.

An in-ear speaker, the Super.Fi 5 earphones’ machined liquid-silver plastic housing provides an exceptionally comfortable fit for long listening sessions. The Super.Fi 5 earphones include three interchangeable soft-silicone ear tips and two Comply foam ear tips to give people the flexibility to choose the right fit. Selecting the appropriately sized ear tip helps to create a tight seal and allows people to tune out the world – enjoying noise isolation of up to 26 dBs – and tune into the music they love.

With its low-profile design, the Super.Fi 5 earphones are easy to take out and about or to wear at the office. People can wear the earphone cables over the ear, which is suitable for use when exercising, or let the cables hang down for casual listening. The gold-plated 3.5 mm jack can connect to most MP3 players, stereos and laptops. The headphones can be stowed by simply wrapping the cord in a compact bundle around the fingers and placed inside the carrying case.

Ultimate Ears was acquired by Logitech  in August 2008.

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