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Logitech launches new Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Expanding its portfolio of award-winning multimedia speakers and headsets, Logitech Australia has unveiled new Noise Cancelling Headphoneswhich are claimed to deliver premium noise cancelling technology with unmatched price performance.

Using proprietary SilentSound, the headphones filter out environmental noise over a broad range of frequencies, including the sound of a jet engine, a fan or an office air conditioner. The headphones allow users to escape into music, undisturbed by surrounding noise, without having to crank up the volume on their MP3 player – or to simply enjoy the pleasant sound of silence. 

The Noise Cancelling Headphones remove up to 22 decibels and 92 percent of background noise – a level comparable to other noise cancelling headphones that are twice the price. And Logitech’s headphones outperform other products in their price range, which typically claim to remove 10-18 decibels of noise.  
Not only do the headphones provide ultra-efficient noise cancelling, they deliver a powerful, full-range of audio performance with their 40 mm neodymium drivers. The oversized drivers provide more than enough power to make people feel they are completely immersed in the music.  

The headphones work with any iPod /MP3, CD or tape player, as well as with computer and airline audio systems; they come complete with a 3.5 mm headphone plug, a dual-plug airplane audio adapter, and a 6-foot extension cord. Just one AAA battery delivers enough power for 40 hours of SilentSound noise cancelling. And unlike with many other products, these headphones can be used without the noise cancelling feature when the battery runs out of power.

The headphones can be worn comfortably for hours because of the leatherette ear cushions and an adjustable headband. When people are done listening to the headphones, the ear cups fold flat and fit neatly into the included compact carrying case, making them very travel-friendly.   

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