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article image Screenshot from the process control training course.

SOUTHERN Sydney Institute's St George College has become the first educational institution in Australia to employ new self-learn software packages for process control and automation within industrial courses.

The LearnWARE software packages are designed and produced by Sweden's P&L company and distributed in Australia by Logicon , part of Itech Corporation.

In its home country, LearnWARE is the preferred program within educational institutions and industrial companies. There are more than 13,000 licensed users of LearnWARE packages internationally.

In both education and industry, LearnWARE packages meet the need for access to expensive plant and equipment, as the software simulates real situations and conditions. LearnWARE complements and enhances the traditional hands-on training offered by colleges.

St George College is employing the LearnWARE Process Control course in its 'Control Concepts' module. Process control can be a difficult subject to demonstrate without expensive simulation equipment.

LearnWARE has a sophisticated simulation engine which allows the student to test the responses of different types of process control system.

Joe Dwyer, general manager for Logicon Technology, believes this is just the beginning of a software revolution within the training and teaching spheres.

"These are very focussed courses that require about 25 - 35 hours to complete," says Dwyer.

"All exercises within the courses are finalised with a theoretical or practical test and assessment, giving students and their instructors the ability to monitor progress.

“Both course packages benefit from LearnWARE's powerful simulation engine that tests user responses to different types of situations and environments."

According to Itech, LearnWARE courses can be undertaken anywhere a computer is available such as classrooms, at home, in structured workplace training environments or in free time and down time.

"For individuals who may be undertaking a course whilst employed, this is the perfect solution" says Dwyer.

"It is not uncommon in situations such as this for the demands of the job to interfere with the ability to attend all classes. With LearnWARE, the individual can catch up by using the program at home or during work breaks."

LearnWARE packages are available covering Process Control, Automation, Industrial Automation, Communication/Fieldbus, Profibus and Electricity.

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