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Restricted Keys available from Locks Galore

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Restricted keys are a keying system, which gives total control over the keys for locks.

This is achieved by fitting a restricted key barrel to the lock, with a profile that only the Restricted ILCO IP3 Keys will go into. 

Locks Galore issues the required amount of Restricted keys that suit the new keying system.

For setting up the keying system, a customer has to enter into a signed agreement with Locks Galore, that only the designated names on the signature form can ever purchase more keys.
These will only be available from Locks Galore which will keep a secure record of customers’ keying codes and signature form, so as in the future if a customer needs any additional Restricted keys or locks, the authorised signatories will be able to request additional copies of the key, upon matching verification of the signature held on the records.

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