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Invue stand alone camera kits now available from Locks Galore

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article image Invue stand alone camera kits now available from Locks Galore

InVue stand alone camera kits, available from Locks Galore are ideally suited to function as standalone surveillance cameras. When used as standalone units, their internal high capacity (HC) battery can power the camera for up to 9 weeks in standby mode, utilising the ultra low power video processing technology. If for example it takes 200 photos per day, every day of the week, the stand alone cameras will still operate for around 6 weeks.The cameras can also be powered from an external mains plug pack or optional solar panel to ensure it is always powered up and on the lookout.

Features of the stand alone cameras include:

  • Stand alone cameras feature customised image-capture sequence
  • Pre-Trigger image capture is another feature of the cameras
  • These cameras also include image encryption
  • Time and date stamped images are available with programmable text overlay 
  • An external trigger input  is a featrue of these cameras
  • A flexible scheduler for independent arming and disarming of camera is included on the InVue
  • Time and date stamped event log 
  • High speed image viewers are included with setup software 
  • Digital signature including camera ID, within each image for integrity verification
The stand alone camera kits include the InVue cam; viewer software; 3Ah battery; 2GB SD card; remote; USB to SD card reader and charger/power supply. Installation of the stand alone cameras are done in three easy to follow steps for stand alone operation. These stand alone cameras can be wired to a power pack or solar panel for constant set and forget operation, and can be installed together with identical looking InVue Cam - PIR  motion detectors to provide visual continuity around the office or home

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