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Electronic Security Key Cabinet from Locks Galore

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Electronic Security Key Cabinet, available from Locks Galore , is an easy to use wall mounted system, offering total control and complete management of keys and their use.

Keys housed in the key monitor may only be accessed by authorised personnel after entering their valid means of identification.

Only keys programmed as available to a particular user are shown on the Key Monitor touch screen for release and all other keys are electronically held within the cabinet.

A virtually unlimited number of users and various access levels may be programmed into the Key Monitor's onboard computer. Keys may be individually timed and alarmed, ensuring attention is drawn to keys not removed or returned at a designated time.

A complete record of the system's operations is retained in the event log which can be viewed onboard or remotely. Available in 18 or 54 key Monitor units and key capacity can be expanded by adding additional slave units.

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