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Ensuring the availability of NoSpin differentials for new truck models as they are introduced into the Australian market, LDS now has a unit specifically for the Toyota Dyna II, 8500 model.

LDS believes it is vitally important that truck buyers, whether fleet or individual, are able to specify the traction performance provided by the NoSpin differential across a wide possible range of trucks.

Equally, when that specification has been set, it is important that no one truck brand or model is excluded, so long as it is practical to make a unit available.

LDS has assumed responsibility for ensuring this continuity, watching over Australia’s interests in this area. LDS does a blue heeler, nipping at the heels of the U.S manufacturer to ensure a fair hearing and good level of attention for this market.

Where vehicles are either not widely sold in the U.S.A or the OEM is not based there, LDS steps in to provide the basic design criteria to allow a suitable unit to be made. The small size of the Australian market would receive only pro rata attention, if LDS did not do some solid lobbying and provide data on a plate, ready for consumption.  

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