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Multipurpose locating tags with extended battery life

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Trailblazer Wireless Locating tags, from Locating Technologies can be worn by people or attached to equipment or assets, enabling their location to be identified at all times. These locating tags operate on the Wireless IEEE 802.15.4 standard which offers optimum flexibility and reliability

Trailblazer Wireless Locating tags can be configured to transmit a signal as often as needed, which is conveyed to home base via a user-friendly web interface. Trailblazer Wireless locating solution is a Real Time Locating System (RTLS), and identifies the whereabouts of people or assets carrying the tracking device in real time.

They are valuable for many types of organisational applications including schools, warehouses, hospitals, museums, aged care facilities, airports, underground mines, fire and ambulance stations, retail and commercial buildings.

In addition, they can be attached to equipment or assets and include motion and light sensors which will trigger an alert if the equipment or assets are moved without authorisation, beyond geo-fences, or if the locating tag is tampered with Built to work on the Wireless IEEE 802.15.4 standard, which means installation is fast and simple.

Small, durable and lightweight to use, they are set-up to run independently to an existing network, meaning there is no disruption to existing operations nor reduction to your available wireless bandwidth as would occur with a Wi-Fi (802.11) locating solution. 

Trailblazer Wireless Locating tags offer long battery life of up to 12 months, depending upon the frequency set for sending reports and can be worn by people, and feature an alarm to let home base know if they need help or back-up.

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