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StraPack pallet strapping machines from Live Industrial

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article image D-53PLT2 Pallet Strapping Machine

Live Industrial  presents StraPack pallet strapping machines in two models.

StraPack D-53PLT2 pallet strapping machines offer versatile tension capability, simple operation, 4-way pallet entry and lower sealing point while the D-53HE2 model offers easy height adjustment and simple operation.

StraPack D-53PLT2 pallet strapping machines are offered with manual tension or automatic tension options, selectable using a simple switch. In manual tension mode, the strap tension can be controlled manually via the operation bar, allowing edge protection to be secured to the pallet prior to strap completion.

In auto tension mode, strap tension is applied automatically at a preselected level.

Both models are also available in battery operated versions.

Key features of StraPack D-53PLT2 pallet strapping machines:

  • Simple operation with only the operation bar (manual tension) and the start switch needed for complete strap operation
  • 4-way pallet entry
  • Bayonet height can be adjusted (35mm, 22.5mm, 10mm) by a simple lever
  • Allows cross strapping through various sized pallet openings
  • Lower sealing point for small pallets at only 340mm from the floor
Key features of StraPack D-53HE2 pallet strapping machines:
  • Easy strapping height adjustment through the easily operated counterbalance that moves smoothly and effortlessly to the desired strap location
  • Simple operation with the innovative pendant switch allowing operation of the machine from either side of the load
  • Enables the operator to control the feeding, tensioning, and sealing of the strap with one hand
  • Operator control makes positioning of the strap an easy task

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