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StraPack JK-5SUS stainless steel strapping machines available from Live Industrial

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article image StraPack JK-5SUS stainless steel strapping machine

Live Industrial  presents an economy range of automatic strapping machines featuring a stainless steel body for use in food and medical industries. 

JK-5SUS stainless steel strapping machines are ideal for low volume applications in these industries that demand hygiene and minimal moisture exposure.

Bottom Seal Moisture Protection

JK-5SUS strapping machines are bottom seal models that can resist rust and corrosion even in harsh environments.

Offering bottom seal moisture protection, the JK-5SUS adds a stainless steel body cabinet and arch to the standard JK-5 model, making the machine ideal for the moisture-laden environments of poultry, meat and seafood processing.

Maximum Moisture Resistance

Moisture resistance is ensured with critical sealing head components such as the cutter or slide table also composed of stainless steel in order to withstand repeated water exposure. The bottom of the body cabinet is reinforced and shielded to provide extra protection against moisture exposure. All external screws and fasteners are stainless steel and the sealing motor is covered for additional protection from water exposure.

Automatic Refeed

A micro switch detects the completion of strap feeding. Should a strap feed failure occur, the refeed function automatically resets and restarts the machine.

Advanced Sealing Unit Design

Designed after the StraPack Model RQ-8, the sealing unit slide table with a pivoting design does not require guide plates that cause friction from contacting parts, resulting in minimal wear and zero lubrication requirement.

Reel Brake

The reel brake provides smooth braking of the strap reel without any belts or pads that wear with usage.

Seal Joint Alignment

The arch bandway design and strap alignment device in the right bandway assure proper strap alignment for a strong seal, even with narrow 5mm straps.

Jam Resistant

An unsealed strap loop is automatically cut and ejected when the JK-5SUS is cycled without a package in place, avoiding any broken or jammed strap.

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