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SO 2004LQ cross strapping machines from Live Industrial ideal for newspaper and magazine bundles

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article image The SO 2004LQ cross strapping machine from Live Industrial

The SO 2004LQ cross strapping machine is generating a lot of interest in the Australian manufacturing industry and is available from Live Industrial , the Australian sales and service distributor for Schneider & Ozga strapping machines.

The SO 2004LQ is an in-line strapping line, made up of the SO 2004L and the SO 2004Q strapping machines. Bundles do not require turning for a cross strap to be applied and unstable packages with many inserts or high gloss paper can be processed safely. These features make it the ideal strapping machine for newspapers, magazines, mail-order firms, distribution centres and commercial printers. And, without a turntable, this in-line strapping system is space-saving.

The SO 2004LQ cross strapping machine is capable of strapping 40 single or cross straps and 20 parallel-cross straps per minute. It has a back-up function, requires minimal maintenance, and is capable of running 5mm, 6.35mm and 7mm PP strapping. Maximum bundle size is 450mm (L) x 500mm (W) x 400mm (H).

Additional features of the SO2004LQ cross strapping line include:

  • additional start, stop and emergency stop button at the switchboard cabinet
  • automatic strap feeding
  • automatic tension, depending on the height of the parcel
  • blow out equipment (for bundles above 10mm)
  • bundle detection
  • colour RAL 3003 (ruby red) or RAL 5007 (brilliant blue)
  • connections for tail black in and tail black out with a plug
  • conveyor belts infinitely variable by the touchscreen
  • counter operation hours
  • inverter controlled motors (not mechanical brake)
  • light on the inside of the machine
  • PLC control (Mitsubishi) with four (4) adjustable programs for different products
  • quick-change spool support
  • quick-connector for air supply
  • spool detection
  • standby function
  • stop bars
  • strap-end scanning
  • strap control
  • strap tape coil 5 x 0.38mm
  • suction
  • touchscreen, lockable with free programmable code
  • triggering from the top
Optional features of the SO 2004LQ cross strapping machine include:
  • additional protection doors
  • additional spool support
  • air gun with spiral hose
  • back-up function
  • back tension adjustment by the touchscreen
  • broadened press frame - double and single press frames
  • bundle height scanning
  • machines with wheels and castors
  • mains plug box on machine
  • reverse direction
  • side compression (SO 2004Q)
  • special colour
Specifications of the SO 2004LQ cross strapping machine are as follows:
  • strap type: plastic (polypropylene, PP)
  • strap width: 5-7mm
  • strap thickness: 0.35-0.55mm
  • strap coil size: inner 200mm, outer 450mm, width 160-200mm
  • seal type: thermal welding seal
  • strap capacity: maximum 40 single or cross straps / minute, maximum 20 parallel-cross straps / minute
  • bundle size: minimum 180mm(W) x 130mm(L) x 10mm(H), maximum 460mm(W) x 510mm(L) x 400mm(H)
  • electrical supply: 400V / 3PH / 50Hz
  • electricity requirement: 2.2kW
  • air supply: 6 bar (working pressure)
  • air consumption: 604L/min (15.1L/cross strap) free air
  • parcel press pressure: 500N / 250N (cylinder diameter 32mm / 25mm)
  • tension: automatic (dependent on bundle height) maximum 400N
  • conveyor speed: approx. 0.4-0.9 m/s
  • machine weight: approx. 1000kg

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