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RQ-8 High Performance Automatic Strapping Machines from Live Industrial

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Live Industrial  supplies a new line of high performance automatic strapping machines with a strapping speed of 1.5 seconds per strapping cycle.  

Capable of strapping 40 straps per minute, the high speed Strapack RQ-8 automatic strapping machines are portable in design. Heavy-duty metal casters allow the equipment to be quickly installed or moved to any single phase power supply outlet.  

RQ-8 automatic strapping machines feature an innovative self-correcting mechanism, specifically designed for instances when the machine is operated accidentally without a package on the table.  

The self-correcting technology enables the strap to form a small loop, which will be automatically ejected from the sealing unit leaving the machine ready for the next cycle.  

Strap loading is a simple process in the RQ-8 automatic strappers and can be done at the touch of a lever.  

Strapack's self-lubricating design ensures long-term durability and maintenance-free operation. A quick heater ready to operate in less than 25 seconds is designed to ensure high seal joint.  

The self-diagnostic function involves a programmable microprocessor that constantly monitors critical functions and displays any irregularity sensed during operation.  

Tension capability up to 80kg is available to the operator using a single tension dial.    

Strapack's advanced bandway design ensures perfect strap placement and eliminates any twisted straps.

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