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Live Industrial distributes ITIPACK strapping machines for steel/metal work industry

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Live Industrial  is the exclusive distributor for the complete range of ITIPACK strapping machines and strapping systems across Australia and New Zealand.
ITIPACK, the Italian strapping company offers fully automatic strapping machines and strapping systems capable of strapping metal coils around the circumference for the steel/metal work industry.
ITIPACK designs, manufactures and exports sturdy and reliable strapping machines for use with steel and plastic strapping in diverse industries around the world including wood, paper and cardboard, food, iron and metallurgy, building, and fibres and cotton. Each steel strapping system and plastic strapping system is specifically designed and manufactured to suit the product and application.
ITIPACK strapping machines and strapping systems deliver a sealing efficiency of 95% of strap breaking strength, using either polyester or polypropylene plastic strapping. Steel strapping heads seal using weld sealing with sealing points through inert gas or six sealing notches, using standard or high tensile steel strapping.
Strapping machines suitable for the steel/metal work industry include the SKB, SKC, SKD, SKE, SP1 and VKE models.
SKB strapping machines

Suitable for strapping hot coils up to 800°C circumferentially with the axis perpendicular to coil travel, SKB strapping machines come equipped with a movable lance for strap positioning inside the coil in addition to a transport cradle and strapping heads for use with steel strapping. The SKC range also comes with an automatic coil centre positioning unit and strap guide channel, which opens to allow coil evaluation.
SKE strapping machines

Designed to apply strapping circumferentially with the axis transverse to the package run, SKE strapping machines can be manufactured to suit the customers’ specific requirements. For instance, machines are available to apply straps alternatively to two coils or to strap ingots.
SP1 strapping machines

A twin strap feeder unit designed for an operator to strap coils circumferentially, the SP1 strapping machine comes equipped with movable lances to feed the strap inside the coil transport cradle and strapping tools using steel strap.
VKE vertical automatic strapping machines

VKE strapping machines are suitable for strapping bundles of tubes and profiles with polyester (plastic) strapping.
Additionally, ITIPACK offers robotic debanding systems, automatic labelling devices, and automatic packaging lines for metal sheet packs used in the steel/metal work industry.
Live Industrial provides after-sales technical support and servicing across the entire range of ITIPACK strapping heads and strapping machines.

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