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ITIPACK strapping machines for building industry products exclusively distributed by Live Industrial

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article image VKC-F4P strapping machine for bricks

Live Industrial  is the exclusive distributor for the complete range of ITIPACK strapping machines and strapping systems across Australia and New Zealand.
The ITIPACK range for the building industry includes fully automatic horizontal and vertical pneumatic compression strapping machines and strapping systems especially suited for strapping products for the building industry such as palletised packs of tiles, bricks, pavers, roof tiles, concrete blocks, and prefab panels.
ITIPACK is an Italian strapping company that has been designing, manufacturing and exporting sturdy and reliable strapping machines for use with steel and plastic strapping since 1970. Their range of quality strapping systems and strapping machines can be found in use around the world in industries including wood, paper and cardboard, food, iron and metallurgy, building, and fibres and cotton.
Each steel strapping system and plastic strapping system is specifically designed and manufactured to suit the product and application in order to provide the best possible packaging solution.
ITIPACK strapping machines and strapping systems grant a sealing efficiency of 95% of strap breaking strength, using either polyester or polypropylene plastic strapping. Steel strapping heads seal using one of two methods: weld sealing with sealing points through inert gas or six sealing notches, using standard or high tensile steel strapping.
Strapping machines suitable for building industry products include the VKC, VKD, VKE and CFT models.
ITIPACK strapping machines for the building industry:

  • VKC fully automatic horizontal strapping machines are suitable for strapping palletised packs of tiles and ceramic bricks
  • VKD models are robot machines for automatic vertical, horizontal and inclined strapping, and suitable for strapping concrete and paving blocks
  • VKE compacts and aligns packs before applying high tension vertical strapping to packages such as prefab panels and roofing tile packs
  • VKE/F2PX model boasts strapping heads that pivot left or right according to pack inclination
  • CFT model is a vertical strapping machine equipped with a special pre-draped strapping system for customers with limited floor space
Live Industrial also provides after-sales technical support and servicing across the entire range of ITIPACK strapping heads and strapping machines.

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