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BEL 185 random semi-automatic case tapers from Live Industrial

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article image BEL 185 Random Semi-Automatic Case Taper

Live Industrial  presents the BEL 185 random semi-automatic case sealers capable of sealing up to 25 cases per minute.  

The innovative BEL 185 random semi-automatic case tapers are self-adjusting case sealers that apply pressure-sensitive tape on the top and bottom of random and uniform size cartons, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and improving productivity on case sealing lines.  

The BEL 185 enables one person to co-ordinate the sealing of various sizes of corrugated cases into a single operation.  

In addition to engineered performance and unique safety features, BEL 185 random semi-automatic case tapers are designed for superior operator comfort and increased productivity.

Key features of BEL 185 random semi-automatic case tapers:

  • Easily and safely converts to a fixed position sealer for maximum throughput of uniform case sizes
  • Compact and easy to operate case sealers
  • Automates random case applications, simplifying sealing and improving efficiency on multiple size case packing lines
  • Self-adjustable minimum/maximum settings provided for case width and height parameters
  • Self-adjusting feature offers quick, safe transitions from one case size to another, freeing the operator of time-consuming manual adjustments and increasing productivity
  • Longer machine life and superior performance assured with a heavy duty, welded steel frame
  • Powder coating, zinc plated finishes and stainless steel components offer environmental protection
  • Force-sensitive side guide rails and extended height sensor provide new levels of safety
  • Reliable, consistent tape application provided by the exclusive ‘no break’ tape advance with DEKKA high performance tape heads

BEL 185 random case tapers are available in a stainless steel option for use in washdown environments.

The case sealers can also be integrated with the A32 accumulation table for a complete solution.

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