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Sea booms from Liquatex Pty Ltd

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Spill control products supplier Liquatex Pty Ltd presents a wide range of emergency response booms to suit different marine spill situations.

Available in a wide range of options, Liquatex sea booms allow companies to respond promptly and effectively in the event of a marine spill. The marine booms range includes cube booms, open sea booms, self inflating booms, coastal harbour booms and tidal booms.

Reels are also available to efficiently deploy, retrieve and store marine booms. The size of the reel depends on the length and diameter of the boom required to be stored.

Cube booms

Specially designed for permanent deployment to contain spills on water, cube booms feature integrated floats with rubber bumpers for protection when in contact with wharves and boats.

Open sea booms

Designed and constructed with sufficient buoyancy to be used on open waters, open sea booms require compressed air to inflate.

Self inflating booms

Similar to an open sea boom, self inflating booms however, have no requirement for air pumps and are very simple to use.

Coastal harbour booms

Coastal harbour booms are designed for use on more sheltered waters such as lakes, sheltered coastal areas and harbours.

Tidal booms

Manufactured with a unique three chamber design, tidal booms are used for protecting beaches and shorelines in the event of a spill.

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