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Liquatex spill kits with 660-litre wheelie bins

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article image Liquatex spill kit with 660-litre wheelie bin
Spill control products specialist, Liquatex Pty Ltd offers a range of spill kits consisting of 660-litre wheelie bins that can be quickly rolled to the spill site.

The easy-to-locate bright yellow 4-wheeled bin is large enough to hold a sufficient quantity of absorbents for a spill of up to 660 litres (depending on the viscosity of the fluid).

Liquatex’s 4-wheeled spill kit can be easily manoeuvred through doorways or down the aisles in a factory, and can also be moved with a forklift. Ideal for indoor as well as outdoor spill containment applications, the spill kits are suitable for environments that demonstrate a potential risk for spills requiring large quantities of absorbents.

Liquatex’s wheelie bin spill kits are available in three grades: general purpose, oil-only and chemical.

Contents of each spill kit:

  • 300 x pads
  • 1 x 500mm x 40m roll
  • 4 x 125mm x 3m booms
  • 4 x 3m mini-booms
  • 16 x large pillows
  • 2 x goggles
  • 2 x gloves
  • 2 x coverall suits
  • 2 x 30 litre LiquaSweep absorbent
  • 1 x floor sign
  • 1 x barrier tape
  • 20 x disposal bags
  • 20 x cable ties
  • 1 x security tag
  • 1 x 1kg drum plug
  • 1 x broom
  • 1 x brush & pan set
  • 1 x shovel
  • 1 x laminated instructions

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