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Liquatex absorbent booms for marine applications

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article image An absorbent boom for a waterway spill
Spill control products specialist, Liquatex Pty Ltd supplies a comprehensive range of absorbent booms for marine environments and applications.

The Liquatex range of absorbent booms includes oil only booms, double booms, chemical booms and spaghetti booms.

Marine booms need to be deployed correctly to gain maximum benefit. Installation involves overlapping the booms, fixing them securely on either end and angling them across the flow of water.

Oil Only Booms

Liquatex oil only booms are designed to clean up oil or fuel spills in lakes, rivers or the sea. Made of a strong mesh outer sleeve encasing a poly sock filled with highly absorbent polypropylene, Liquatex oil only booms also have a nylon rope running through for added strength as well as long lasting durability and easy retrieval of the boom.

The hydrophobic booms absorb only oil, not water, keeping the booms afloat while in use. Connectors can be used to link the booms together to form a containment system big enough to handle almost any waterway spill.

Double Booms

Designed to provide extra absorbency on the land, at oil and fuel stations, or on the water to contain a larger spill, double booms provide greater surface area for faster absorption of spills. The booms can be linked easily with clips and rings to provide greater lengths when required.

Chemical Booms

Chemical booms are filled with chemical absorbent material to absorb chemicals, which can otherwise potentially harm the marine environment. Designed for use on land only, these booms are ideal for containing large spills involving unspecified fluids.

Spaghetti Booms

Used extensively in the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, these double layered booms contain coarse spaghetti like polypropylene filling. The significantly greater surface area enables these booms to quickly capture oils with high viscosity, making them ideal for thick hydrocarbon spills.

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