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LiquaSweep granular absorbents from Liquatex

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Spill control products supplier Liquatex Pty Ltd offers the LiquaSweep range of granular absorbents formulated for absorbing oils, fuels, solvents, chemicals and paints.

Certain spill containment applications require the use of granular absorbents. The absorbents in the LiquaSweep range have different characteristics to suit specific application needs, and therefore need to be carefully selected.

The LiquaSweep range of granular absorbents:

  • LiquaSweep X300, a cost effective loose absorbent with non-slip, fast wicking, non-leaching and landfill-friendly characteristics
  • LiquaSweep X500, a lightweight, bio-remedial absorbent for oil and fuel spills; non-toxic, non-abrasive, biodegradable and suppresses vapours, and is effective on both land and water
  • LiquaSweep X700, a 100% organic, premium grade lightweight absorbent; bio-degradable, non-leaching and landfill friendly; sweeps clean without leaving residue, and can be used on both land and water
  • LiquaSweep X900, a natural sea sponge with huge absorption capacity; stays dry and granular even when saturated; non-leaching and landfill-friendly; ideal for road transport spills

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