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Increased visibility means increased safety

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The driving community has noticed that all Linfox vehicles throughout Australia are driving with headlights on during daylight hours. Although there has been talk among drivers from other companies that Linfox’s new Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) policy is causing uncertainty, all Linfox vehicles will continue to comply with this important safety and accident prevention method.

DRLs increase the visual contrast between vehicles and their background. It is estimated that up to 45per cent of all accidents occur because of perception and recognition errors. This involves incorrect judgment of a vehicle’s speed or distance. Research indicates that increasing the visibility of vehicles may lead to a reduction both in multiple vehicle accidents and in accidents involving a vehicle and pedestrians or cyclists. Increased visibility means increased safety.

Numerous studies conducted in the US and Europe over many years concluded significant reduction in daytime accidents using DRLs. They are common practice for many US and European-based logistics providers.

Running vehicle headlights in the daytime does not significantly increase fuel cost or shorten bulb life. A study undertaken by a large auto manufacturer estimated the cost of additional globe use to be about $3 per year for the average driver.

Due to the positive research findings, Linfox decided to include this as a policy for all Linfox logistics employees, casuals, contractors, subcontractors and agency staff who operate Linfox liveried vehicles, trailers and other equipment.

There are benefits gained to all road users through heavy vehicles driving with headlights on during daylight. Some of those are:

DRLs improve vehicle visibility and therefore may decrease the risk of accidents

DRLs show proven cost benefits for low expense

International research in actual use of DRLs show significant accident reduction

Studies show that only minimal accident reduction is required to achieve the cost benefits. Significant accident reduction will produce generous cost savings

In addition to reducing repair costs, insurance companies may re-evaluate fleet insurance premiums when DRLs are installed, resulting in the potential to achieve lower premiums.

Linfox urges other operators to also consider making this a standard practice. n

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