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Efficient hoists manufactured by Lindsell Hoists

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Lindsell Hoists  specialises in the manufacture of cranes, tippers as well as material handling equipment that include hoists. Hoists manufactured by Lindsell Hoists have been specifically designed to be fitted onto any vehicle having either tray or level surface. The hoist kit from Lindsell Hoists can be attached with ease at the required workplace and has the capability of bolting onto any corner of the tray. This hoist has a total weight ranging to about 88 kilograms.

Safety features of this hoist manufactured by Lindsell Hoists include built in relief valve, velocity fuse, flow control valve and telescopic boom ranging to about 2.5 metres. The flow control valve of the hoist can be used for speed adjustment wherein the telescopic boom is lowered as well as raised. The velocity fuse, also known as hose burst, is specifically meant for hydraulic cylinder, while the built in valve of this hoist enables to avoid overloading.

Hoists designed by Lindsell Hoists can be used for lifting items including generators, compressors, welders, fencing materials as well as 44 gallon drums. This hoist operates with the aid of either 12 volt or 24 volt of electric or hydraulic power unit.

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