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Versatile walkie reach truck

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article image EWX -- variety of uses in manufacturing.

FORKLIFT manufacturer Linde Materials Handling has expanded its walkie reach line-up with the addition of the EWX.

With a 3.8m triple stage mast and a capacity of 1360kg (3000lbs), the EWX is a versatile machine suited for a wide variety of uses in manufacturing, warehouse and retail environments.

A key feature of the EWX is the joystick, which replaces the usual three different levers. Operators can control travel direction and speed, lift/lower, reach/retract and sideshift (when fitted) from the one handle, allowing simpler operation of the unit and enhancing safety by eliminating the need to continually move the hands between levers.

A reversing switch located at the end of the steering handle automatically changes the truck’s travel direction if it comes in contact with an object, ensuring the operator cannot be injured if they accidentally reverse the truck.

Another feature is the smooth operation achieved through the wear-free SEM transistor control system. It offers infinite control from zero to maximum speed with smooth acceleration/ deceleration and higher efficiency per battery charge. These transistor controllers are superior to SCR systems in providing efficient cost-effective performance and torque control.

As is typical with all Linde products, the mast and pantograph system are engineered to withstand the harshest treatment.

The high visibility mast employs rolled C-channel for maximum strength and chrome-plated pistons. To resist distortion from off-centre loading, rugged welded steel cross bracing provides a rigid assembly, while permanently sealed roller bearings are used in the mast to provide friction reduction and ease of maintenance.

The pantograph mechanism is a heavy-duty fabrication with tapered roller bearings at the centre pivot and is supported with sperical bushings at the attached pins. The reach function utilises two cylinders supplied through a solenoid valve on the pantograph.

Summarising the latest offer, Linde’s Andrew Satterley claims “there are plenty of walkie reach products on the market, but we are confident we will have success with those users who are very reliant on their walkie reach and therefore need the standard of reliability and sophistication that Linde products are renown for.”

Linde manufactures an extensive range of forklifts, with capacities from 1.2 to 52 tonnes. The company has a national factory-owned customer support network and operates one of the largest rental fleets in the country.

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