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Reach truck design sets new benchmark

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article image Linde X range can reach heights to 11.5m.

A new generation of reach trucks from Linde represents a revolutionary breakthrough in materials handling equipment design.

The new Linde X range consists of R14X, R16X , R17X and R17XHD models, with capacities up to 1700kg and lift heights up to 11.5m.

All models incorporate clever chassis design combined with short wheelbase dimensions for use in narrow aisle, high density storage.

Lift heights range from 8.6m with 1400kg for the R14X to 11.5m with 1250kg for the R17XHD. The R17X and R17XHD can also lift 1700kg to 9.0m and 9.6m respectively.

All new Linde X range models share major innovative design features, which have raised the bar for reach truck design and could make conventional designs obsolete.

The new reach trucks provide substantial productivity improvements over their predecessors. They share a new, low-slung battery location under the cabin, which frees up space to provide the best working environment ever achieved in reach truck design.

The comprehensive reconfiguration of conventional reach truck design has given Linde's X range greater advantages in the key areas of productivity, visibility, stability, operator comfort, chassis space efficiency and ease of battery changing.

Major benefits of the new design include a doubling of operator space, vehicle configuration to keep the operator always safely within the chassis profile, a business-class comfort seat and the integration of all controls within the two adjustable armrests.

Despite a compact chassis and short wheelbase, the new models provide exceptional operator comfort and efficiency in narrow aisle storage and retrieval applications.

The robot welded chassis of the Linde X range allows low-slung mounting of the battery beneath the operator, resulting in a low centre of gravity and greatly enhanced stability as well as the major ergonomic gains.

Linde has used the benefits of this design innovation to fit a wide, fully adjustable operator's seat to suit any physique. The new X Range operator's compartment is twice as spacious as that of conventional models.

The wide, supportive seat has a full range of adjustments including height, backrest angle, seat cushion angle, fore and aft, weight and electric lumbar support.

These settings, including 160mm of seat height adjustment, make it easy for operators to establish a posture that contributes to sustained levels of high productivity.

A fixed ultra-wide mast with just 170mm of reach travel provides enhanced stability and panoramic visibility. The view through the uprights is more than twice as wide as that provided by conventional reach trucks and there are no chains, hoses or lift cylinders in the line of vision.

The panoramic mast and operator seat are in closer proximity that in conventional reach trucks, therefore the operator's view is better when looking at loads and storage zones.

Unlike conventional reach truck configuration, the Linde X range has its mast fixed to the chassis and the mast does not reach backwards and forwards.

Compared with a conventional reach truck with moving mast, the Linde X range traversing fork carriage has a 70% shorter reach travel distance.

This results in fast cycle times and significantly increased productivity. Energy consumption is also reduced because the mass of the mast no longer has to be powered forward and backward during reach cycles.

A maintenance-free ac powered, pulse controlled pump motor gives fast lift speeds for enhanced productivity and automatic slowdown at both ends of the reach movement ensures safe and accurate load handling.

Seamless mast function under all conditions is achieved by comprehensive cushioning. The control system automatically smoothes out any sharp lever movements the operator might make. This arrangement also minimises mast deflection and improves the truck's stability and high residual capacities.

Integral sideshift is fitted as standard and fork tilt is actuated automatically during the reach cycle or, optionally, by joystick control.

The Linde fingertip joystick controls are integrated into the adjustable armrests to provide the operator with intuitive control of the X range models.

The compact steering wheel integrated into the left armrest on the new models actuates the electric steering, which can be configured for both 180° and 360° standard options to suit existing fleet settings.

All hydraulic functions are controlled by the joysticks integrated into the right armrest.

A comprehensive head-up digital display shows steering indicator, hour meter, battery discharge indicator with lift slowdown interlock, motor temperature and brake fluid level indicators.

Linde twin pedal accelerators enable fast and efficient manoeuvring, with power transmitted to the drive wheel via a helical spur and bevel transmission.

Motive and lifting power is delivered in the Linde X range via powerful, maintenance-free traction and lift motors. The drive motor incorporates a fail-safe electro-magnetic parking brake. All-wheel braking and electric regenerative braking are standard features.

Battery capacity ranges from 480Ah on the R14X to 920Ah on the R17XHD.

The X range is fitted with advanced Linde Digital Control (LDC) designed to provide highly efficient power transfer for travelling and lifting. This system translates operator demands smoothly and progressively for safe and productive load handling.

For cold-store operation a newly developed Linde insulated cab allows users to make the most of the X range's outstanding operator workspace.

Accurate temperature control and large windows with integrated heating elements have resulted in productivity improvements of up to 40% during Linde tests.

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