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Pallet truck addresses safety issues

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article image 45° driving position provides panoramic view in any direction.

LINDE Materials Handling has released the T20SP pallet truck, with an intelligent speed reduction system and a shielded operator’s compartment.

The loading/unloading activities for a pallet truck in a warehouse typically involve equal time driving forwards and reversing. A 45° driving position provides the operator with a panoramic view when driving in any direction and removes the physical constraints linked to the usual driving positions.

The e-driver control system allows operation of the pallet truck with one hand, freeing the other for scanning, picking or marking. The compact design of the e-driver ensures the operator remains within the chassis profile at all times for greater safety.

It has proportional power steering and a self-centering feature that ensures stable straight line performance. Travel speed is automatically reduced in relation to the tightness of the turn.

The compartment is surrounded by two high shields with a steel skirt protecting the platform against fork intrusions. The platform is also suspended on shock absorbers which eliminate vibrations when driving on uneven surfaces. These protective measures provide a safe and comfortable working environment.

Its top speed of 10km/h can be reached in 5m whether it is loaded or unloaded. It can climb ramps up to 13º when fully loaded and 20º when unloaded. Acceleration, speed and braking can be tailored to suit the application.

A diagnostic plug at the front of the truck allows Linde field service technicians to access to all the truck's data, allowing problems to be quickly identified and rectified.

Maintenance intervals are 1,000 hours or once a year. It has a capacity of 2000kg, a 3kW ac motor and a turning radius of 2019mm. A cold store protection option to allows it to operate at temperatures down to -30°C.

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