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Linde unveiles electric counterbalance forklifts

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Linde has just unveiled a new electric counterbalance forklift range with good performance.

According to Linde, the new range is built on technology which will provide operators with improved productivity and efficiency. Linde engineers have incorporated advances in all major systems of the new 386 range, to provide optimal use of energy through high efficiency driving and lifting performance.

The new models are a major advance on Linde electric counterbalance models, which have long been considered well performing. Power stored in the battery pack is consumed at a rate 20 per cent slower than in the superseded models.

This major reduction in power usage is accompanied by a Linde developed battery management system claimed to provide more accurate battery condition information than has ever been achieved before.

According to Linde, a patented Linde method to analyse energy remaining in the battery provides industry leading accuracy and comprehensive battery condition information to optimise battery life and avoid deep discharges.

An optional new on-board charger also developed by Linde works in tandem with the new battery management system. The on-board charger uses cutting-edge technology to avoid spikes in current and voltage, extending the service life of the battery.

Integrated into the rear of the truck and interlocked to separate driving and charging modes, the on-board charger is easy to use and saves having to find space for a separate charger. The high frequency charger consumes less electricity and therefore costs less to run.

According to Linde, it calculates that this could result in consumption savings of 5kW hours or up to 50 cents per charge. The charger also provides flexibility in charging locations, for greater convenience and less downtime. Other advantages include the elimination of possible under-charging or over-charging due to the wrong type of charger being used. The on-board charger also removes any possible explosion hazard from sparks as an external charger is unplugged.

For electric counterbalance forklift buyers who do not require an on-board charger, the E12 – E20 models in the 386 range have flexible options which make forklift battery changing easier than ever before.

Battery changing can be achieved by using the traditional method of a C-hook and crane, or by side battery extraction onto a roller bed or using another forklift truck. A unique feature of the 386 is that battery changing can also be achieved using a hand pallet truck.

The 386 electric counterbalance forklifts all feature a high efficiency hydraulic pump and an efficient, compact drive axle with integrated hydraulic pump motor and power modules. Linde’s testing has confirmed that the new models achieve good energy consumption while delivering good productivity.

A protective roof/cab 50mm wider than the previous model’s improves the operator environment and the floorboard of the new models is 15mm lower than on the models they replace.

Other improvements include a seat height lowered by 35mm, a rounded battery hood, foot area and headroom increased by more than 40mm and a new front console provides more knee room. Storage receptacles are integrated into the front console to provide a tidier and safer work area.

Efficiency of the three-phase AC motor developed specially for counterbalance trucks has been optimised by a layout which incorporates short power cables to conserve energy and an intelligent cooling system that reacts to motor and ambient temperatures to ensure truck performance.

Operator efficiency is boosted by hydrostatic steering with practically zero play and kickback through the small, ergonomic steering wheel specially designed for one-hand operation.

Efficiency enhancements include Linde Driver Assistant (LDA), which provides electronic reduction of maximum speed in curves as increased protection against tip-over.

The new models include leading technology, economy and quality, designed to achieve Linde’s target of a 20,000 hour service life, according to Linde. The new models have an ambient operating temperature range of 45°C to -10°C for the 3-wheel version and 40°C to -10°C for the 4-wheel version. Linde can even supply cold store versions for operation down to -30°C.

Oil bath multiple disk brakes and four temperature-controlled cooling fans add to the range’s longevity credentials which are underlined by extended 1000 hour maintenance intervals.

The drive axle, which consists of three-phase motors for drive and lift hydraulics, step-down gearing and the oil bath multiple disc brakes, is virtually maintenance-free. Only the oil in the gearboxes has to be changed, first at the complimentary 50 hours service, and then during scheduled servicing every 3000 hours.

According to Linde, a common hazard among small forklifts is that when the parking brake is not applied correctly the truck can roll away, potentially causing damage and injury. The oil bath multiple disc brakes in the 386 drive axle automatically apply whenever the truck is switch off, eliminating this hazard.

The high-quality Linde hydraulic system enables filter elements to be replaced every 3000 operating hours or two years, and the hydraulic oil change recommendation is every 6,000 operating hours or four years.

Improvements in the new Linde 386 range include an innovative lift mast concept, overhead tilt cylinder and a mast profile arrangement which provides good visibility and greater productivity. A resilient suspension system isolates the chassis from both mast and road vibrations, delivering greater operator comfort.

Innovative design and layout of the chassis, cab and mast units maximises productivity. The operator sits beneath a self-supporting frame and protective overhead guard, designed to stabilise the load as well as protecting the operator. The overhead guard is also designed to accept modular cabin components, up to and including a fully-enclosed and heated cabin.

Standard equipment across the four wheel range includes hydrostatic power steering, Linde twin accelerator pedals for all vehicle movements, dual axis fingertip joystick controls (Linde Load Control) integrated into the adjustable arm rest, 2 x 5.0kW maintenance-free AC drive motors and an 11kW AC maintenance-free lift motor. Alternative pedal and joystick arrangements are available where it is necessary to integrate with existing fleets.

The standard chassis is suitable for working in ISO containers and reefers with the appropriate mast. Clearview standard, duplex and triplex masts are available in lift heights from 3000mm to 7000mm.

Three-wheel versions of the new Linde electric counterbalance range provide maximum turning capacity in tight spaces. A pivoting subframe axle provides a 180 degree steering angle with no tyre slippage and both wheels roll in opposite directions during steering, for low possible load on the tyres and longer service life.

Four-wheel versions of the new Linde electric counterbalance range provide the same turning capacity as the three-wheel trucks. The combi-axle steer axle design places the steer cylinder well above the steer wheels, and allows the wheels to turn past 90 degrees during steering, delivering the sure stability of a four-wheeler and the manoeuvrability of a three-wheeler.

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