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Idealarc R3R-600-I DC Stick Welder

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The R3R-600-I DC Stick Welder, from Lincoln Electric offers premium operation. It is a rugged, industrial work machine which can be used in all weather conditions. With its smooth, low spatter arc, this stick welder can be relied upon for consistently good results in a range of materials.  

Applications for the R3R-600-I DC Stick Welder are varied and include: general fabrication, field construction, ship building, offshore oil platforms, pipeline welding, and storage tanks. It is particularly suited for critical welding applications using low hydrogen, cellulose and stainless steel electrodes.  

Advantages of the R3R-600-I DC Stick Welder:  

This stick welder has a smooth, consistent arc and Arc force control. It also features continuous output adjustment and is fan-cooled (for extra-thermal protection). The unit is designed to NEMA specifications and is a robust, hardy item. It is suitable for all weather conditions and offers full environmental (including salt air) protection for field construction.  

Physical specifications of the R3R-600-I DC Stick Welder:  
Dimensions: 699mm x 566mm x 840mm  (H x W x D)
Weight: 202 kg

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