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Antec Engineering gets electric

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“There are two noticeable differences with the new automated system compared to our previous manual system,” explained Robert Garde, of Antec. “One is that the handling of the products is greatly reduced, and the second is that the quality and finishes of the products are consistently high.”

The reduced handling has led to increased productivity, which in some cases has doubled, making the Antec products far more profitable than with the previous manual system. But, beyond the expected increase in productivity that comes with automating a process, Antec have found that the quality of the products means that they are able to set themselves apart from overseas products that threaten their market.

Manufacturing heat containment wire products for companies who repair or manufacture furnaces or petrochemical products, their work is specialised and intricate. The products are used for the reinforcement of refractory linings and use specialist materials as well as manufacturing techniques.

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