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Tray sealing and thermoforming machine

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article image Tray sealing and thermoforming machine.

MECAPLASTIC has released the S6000 tray sealing and thermoform machine. It is available from Linco .

It is designed for high speed applications where quick die set changes are required. Die sets are mounted on the top of the machine and are opened through a cylinder, providing access for cleaning and feeding additional film.

Preheated die sets are fitted from the side of the machine via a mobile frame. The connections are automatic, allowing a complete die set change in just a few minutes without the need for lifting equipment. The process can be completed by a single operator.

A range of automatic infeed designs are available. Inline or 90° designs can be supplied depending on customer requirements. The automatic infeeds are also designed for quick size change with minimal adjustment.

The die set technology reduces gas use by about 40%. The film advance system requires minimal distance between trays and overall film advance per cycle. The machine is an open plan design, reducing maintenance.

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