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Linco Food Systems introduces NIVERPLAST range of equipment

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Linco Food Systems  has introduced the NIVERPLAST range of BAG IN BOX equipment into the Australian marketplace.

NIVERPLAST manufactures a series of machines designed to insert bag liners into cartons and crates, erect flat cartons and insert a bag liner, and to seal the bags after the product has been filled into the bags. All NIVERPLAST systems are pneumatically or servo-motor operated, and are controlled by Siemens PLC and operator panels.  

The EASYPLAST BAG IN BOX machine is a system that takes a pre-made bag from a wicket and inserts it into a carton or crate automatically. The cartons or crates are presented on a conveyor below the inserting mechanism, which is a three axis controlled system. Systems are available from eight to twenty two cartons or crates per minute.  

The COMBIPLAST is a combination case erector and EASYPLAST BAG IN BOX inserting system that is used for flat cartons introduced from a magazine loader, as used in standard case erectors. Systems are available from eight to twelve cartons per minute.  

The EASYSEAL machine is a system designed to seal the bags lining the cartons or crates, after they have travelled through the production lines and have been filled with product. Systems are available from eight to fifteen cartons or crates per minute.   A soon to be released system is the MAP-ORATOR, which operates in a similar fashion to the EASYSEAL machine, but is capable of using vacuum and gas operation to provide modified atmosphere packaging for bulk product in cartons or crates.

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