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Ilapak flow-wrapper thermoforming shelf life

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The Ilapak Group has developed a truly ground-breaking packaging innovation, an entirely new flow-wrapper that, for the first time, allows manufacturers to produce attractive, high quality flow-wrap packs with the same shelf life as thermoformed packs at much lower cost. 

The high performance, horizontal, form, fill and seal (HFFS) flow-wrapper combines vacuum and MAP packaging in a single machine – its unique in-line vacuum system allows the Delta VacMap to extract trapped pockets of oxygen found inside the product itself, particularly spongy bakery products, to keep the product fresh for longer. 
This unique new process achieves a comparable shelf-life to thermoforming but represents a much more economical and efficient alternative. Delta VacMap creates a traditional and attractive flow-wrap style pack and offers all the cost-saving and efficiency benefits of flow-wrapping - high throughputs, fast product size changes, ease of use, reduced material and labour costs, fully automatic feeding and high quality pack presentation.  
A key benefit of VacMap’s ‘three in one’ packaging capability is the exceptional versatility it brings to production lines - manufacturers can easily switch from one format to another so if production requirements change from, for example, an ambient product to a product requiring greater shelf life, then they can meet the demand immediately and maintain full capacity.

Substantial cost reductions can also be achieved thanks to the Delta VacMap’s electronic control features which are designed to maximise production line efficiency. Automatic product feeding means higher throughput and reduced labour requirements. And because product and size changeovers are so quick, disruption to the production line is minimal and output can be maintained. 
In fact, Ilapak has calculated that each VacMap machine can achieve up to 50 per cent greater throughputs than a typical thermoforming machine, dramatically increasing output per square metre of factory space. 
Delta VacMap will also significantly reduce the cost of the packaging material required to wrap each product. For higher volume producers this can deliver huge financial – and environmental – benefits.
Hygiene is also of paramount importance – constructed from stainless steel, the machine’s fully automated product feeding and handling system means exceptionally high hygiene standards, as operator contact with the product is minimal. The easy-clean design also helps to keep cleaning downtime to a minimum. 
VacMap also offers an important marketing advantage thanks to its high quality pack presentation. Manufacturers can maintain a consistent brand image as all products can now be packed in either in a flow-wrap, MAP or VacMap format, all to the same pack style, using print registered film, printing fully on both sides of the pack for maximum shelf impact.  

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