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ILAPAK develops new DELTA VACMAP system

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In response to customer and market demands to produce flow wrap style packs with low oxygen residual capabilities, ILAPAK has now developed the DELTA VACMAP system which will change the way the thoughts about packing fresh food for extended shelf life! Traditional flow wrap gas flushing systems cannot produce low oxygen residual levels without the use of oxygen scavengers manually placed inside the packs, which is labour intensive and costly.
The DELTA VACMAP is a truly innovative flow wrapping machine that produces attractive, traditional looking packs with a shelf life that, until now, was only available by using thermoforming. Particularly suitable for the spongy products that are typically found in the bakery industry, an in-line vacuum system allows the machine to extract the oxygen that is trapped inside the product itself.
Some key benefits of the DELTA VACMAP systems are;
Same shelf life as thermoformed product at a reduced cost.
Oxygen residual levels less than 0.5% after 24 hours.
Reduced material and labour costs combined with higher throughput.
Fast product size changeovers and flow wrapper flexibility.
High quality flow wrap style pack presentation with printed films.
Fully automatic product feeding and vacuum and gas flushing.
Three operating modes for full line flexibility and functionality – flow wrap, gas flush MAP, and VACMAP packing.
Perfect for tortillas, pizza bases, fresh and frozen pizzas, flat breads etc.

DELTA VACMAP is an attractive pack presentation at low cost for fresh food products with extended shelf life.

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