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Foil tray sealing machines from Linco Food Systems

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Meca is now able to offer a simple solution for producers wishing to use foil trays, which in the past have proved quite difficult to use on many brands of tray sealing machines with satisfactory results.

The problem stems from the foil tray itself which is a good conductor of heat and as a consequence a good heat sink. This results in loss of temperature in the sealing area of the tray as the heat is dispersed throughout the tray during the sealing cycle.

Whilst more heat would seem a logical solution, it in fact increases the rate of heat loss. Therefore machines sealing foil trays often have a sealing time of 4 or 5 seconds which of course reduces the overall cycle speed of the machine.

Many manufacturers of tray sealing machines have tried to provide a solution and some offer machines have incorporated a complicated and high maintenance solution whereby heated sealing bars are applied to the top and bottom of the tray seal areas to adequately seal the film to the trays.

This means that electrical heater elements and connections are placed in areas on machines where movement occurs, and leads to greater and more difficult maintenance of the machines.

Meca has developed a simple and effective solution to reduce the heat loss into the tray during the sealing part of the cycle which allows for a sealing time of 2 to 2.5 seconds, which is half of that generally required by other machine manufacturers.

The need for any heating of the tray from the underside of the sealing flange has been eliminated and the only heating applied is from above as per all normal tray sealing applications. The only difference to a standard tray sealing tooling is in the tray support area with the use of a simple physical component to reduce heat loss into the tray during the sealing cycle.

This solution is now available on the complete range of Meca Tray Sealing machines, which can also be used for other specialized applications such as shrink films, dome packaging, Visiopac, and skin packaging to name a few.

Meca range of Tray Sealing and Thermoforming and MAP packaging systems is available from Linco Food Systems.

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