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Espera weigh price labelling systems from Linco Food Systems

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Since release several years ago, the range of the new generation Espera weigh price labelling systems available from Linco Food Systems has continued to expand to provide more modular options as well as new innovative solutions for users of weigh price labelling systems.

Espera have added the budget entry level ES2000 series of manual weigh price labellers and the brand new ES7800 Multi-cassette weigh price labeller to the existing range, as well as expanding the modular options available for the popular mid-priced ES5000 range.

The ES2000 series comprises a cheaper alternative to the ES3000 series of manual weigh price labellers and offers scale capacity of 12kg and 60kg but still with a full colour touch screen and 104mm wide thermal printer and is suitable for smaller operators wanting to label individual packs as well as cartons.

The ES5000 series of machines is now available to be configured as multi-printer systems with the availability of additional top and bottom printers to allow for up to two top and one bottom printer / applicator combinations.

The bottom label applicator is a new design featuring an innovative label transfer system that does not require the normal drum roller applicator which is required in higher speed machines. This enables Espera to keep the price of the bottom labelling system low without the loss of functionality.

The ES5000 series of machines are suitable for use in conjunction with tray sealing, stretch wrapping and thermoforming machines operating at speeds up to 65 packs per minute.

It has a minimal floor space and length requirement and is a very simple system to both operate and maintain, whilst still offering a high level of functionality and customisation and the ability to connect to central database software.

The brand new ES7800 Multi-cassette system is an innovative development from Espera and is the only system of its kind in the world available to customers today. It takes the concept of a standard single printer / applicator machine and adds a five roll cassette system to the printer to allow for five different label roll stocks to be used on the one printer. The printer and the applicator are the same as those used in the ES7000 / ES8000 / ES9000 machines.

The innovation is in the patented label delivery from the five label roll cassettes to the thermal printer and has been honed and perfected over the last two years in dedicated customer factory trials in Europe prior to release to Linco Food Systems for sale in Australia.

All cassettes work independently of each other and label rolls can be changed in one cassette whilst the machine is in operation using another cassette. Label cassettes used will automatically be changed when the product code is changed or can be used as reserve cassettes when another cassette runs out of labels.

The system takes up a minimal floor space when compared with the previous option of using a five printers / applicator system and operates at speeds up to 120 packs per minute.

The ES7800 system will allow producers to label their products for multiple customers without the need for stoppages for label roll changes and instantaneous product code changes can be made using the preselected quantity feature available on the operation screen for setting up labelling quantities and production in advance.

  • ES2000 – manual weigh price labellers with weighing capacities of 12kg and 60kg
  • ES3000 – manual weigh price labellers with weighing capacities from 15 to 60kg
  • ES5000 – entry level fully automatic machine for speeds up to 65 packs per minute
  • ES7000 – full featured automatic systems for speeds up to 120 packs per minute
  • ES8000 – the high speed systems capable of packs speeds up to 150 per minute
  • ES9000 – print and apply system for non-weighing requirements to 120 per minute
Of course all systems feature PC based operating systems, full colour operator interface touch screens, servo motors and controls for conveyor systems and simple operator friendly icon based programming and functions.

All Espera systems can be networked into a central database software programme for easy product code, label format, product and nutritional information management as well as order processing. In addition all new Espera system will be able to offer remote maintenance capabilities over the internet via simple network connections.

ELS label applicators

The European Labelling Systems ELS220 Label Applicator series from Linco Food Systems continues to be popular and good choice for those customers wishing to apply pre-printed labels to its products.

The ELS220 is often used in conjunction with the Espera weigh price labelling systems to apply labels that require now printing and as such offer a cheaper alternative to an additional printer / applicator module.

Linco Food Systems has continued to grow the number of installation with well over a 100 systems sold in the last several years primarily to retail focused customers.

The ELS220 are reliable and robust label applicator with a very simple and easy to use operator interface.

European Labelling Systems also offer a complete range of top and bottom label applicators with or without conveyor systems for use with all label types and sizes.

All the above range of machines are available from Linco Food Systems.

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