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Eltonpack 9000 Thermoforming Machines available from Linco Food Systems

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The Eltonpack 9000 thermoforming machine,available from Linco Food System s, has been adapted to package liquid and dairy orsemi-paste products such as yoghurts, cheeses, butters, honey, jams andmarmalades, in all kinds of packaging shapes and sizes. The thermoformingmachines enable product handling, packaging of products, automated machineadjustments to different volumes or shapes as well as ease of process controland cleaning.

The Eltonpack 9000 comes equipped with anintegrated dosing unit and has the capacity to deliver up to 25000 pots of 125gper hour. It features a modular system that enables the adjustment of base webfilm width from 260mm to 580mm and a range of machine lengths from 3m to 9mdepending on the application.

Constructed from stainless steel and withautomatic chain lubrication, the Eltonpack 9000 is sturdy and robust to handlea variety of applications. The entire system consists of:

  • Base web film
  • Control panel (station activation, times,temperatures, piston movements controls and vacuum level)
  • Preheating station
  • Thermoforming station
  • Filling or dosing
  • Sealing station
  • Cutting station
  • Top web film

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