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Automatic packaging systems available from Linco Food Systems

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article image The configuration of the automatic packaging systems used

Linco Food Systems  was requested by Unilever to propose a solution for packing 25, 50 o 100 pre-wrapped cubes in pillow bag at a speed of up to 50 packs/min.

The challenging part of the project was that the cubes needed to be counted and not simply weighed as the objective was to avoid having less than the declared quantity of cubes in the final bag. As there was limited area available for the packaging systems an important requirement was to minimise the foot print of the solution as much as possible.

Two VT500 Combo automatic packaging systems with fully automatic product distribution and feeding systems were used, proving to be the right answer to Unilever’s requirements.

In detail, the automatic packaging systems consisted of:

  • Incoming product distribution system with pneumatically driven flaps positioned on top of the conveyor collecting the cubes from the machines wrapping the cubes individually
  • 2 cross inclined conveyors with flights transferring the incoming cubes into the ground hopper
  • 2 intake ground hoppers with vibrating channel
  • 2 feeding elevators with Spondaflex type belt ensuring a smooth and safe transport of the cubes
  • 2 VT 500 COMBO units with EDA 10/17 multihead weigher
  • 2 take-away conveyors with extension belt

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