Limescale Australia

Limescale Australia provide electronic management of limescale (hard water). UK Manufactured.


Supplier news
25/06/08 - Limescale Australia offers Hydroflow HS38 limescale prevention system.
Supplier news
20/05/08 - Limescale Australia distributes anti scale and anti bacteria systems as well as steam generators. These anti scale and anti bacteria systems include AquaKLEAR J62 and SpaKLEAR W63 systems.
Supplier news
19/05/08 - Limescale Australia supplies commercial limescale prevention systems. These limescale prevention systems have been specifically designed for schools, hotels and factories.
Supplier news
16/05/08 - Limescale Australia specialises in the distribution of limescale prevention products. These limescale prevention products from Limescale Australia include domestic as well as leisure products.

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Limescale Australia (Head office) Update these details
PO Box 119
WA 6953
Tel: 0400 492 001
Fax: 08 9535 2792

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