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Early Streamer Emission lightning protection system from Lightning Down Under

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Lightning Down Under  specialises in the supply of lightning as well as surge protection solutions. Lightning Down Under has been in the supply of these lightning and surge protection solutions for over 15 years. Direct strike lightning protection is one such surge protection solution.

Direct strike protection solution devised by Lightning Down Under includes ESE system and Faraday Cage system. The ESE system, also known as Early Streamer Emission system, is a sophisticated lightning protection system. Some of the unique features of this lightning protection system include easy installations, cost effective solution, single down conductor as well as require minimal maintenance. These systems are available in six terminal sizes that ensure to provide increased area of protection. This lightning protection system has been specifically developed for structural or area protection and also can be installed with the aid of a single terminal. Copper tapes can be used as downconductor while installing these lightning protection systems. Other features include robust aluminium mast as well as base assembly and can be used as latching point for lightning energy.

The Faraday Cage system provided by Lightning Down Under is a conventional strapping system comprising of metal flatbar, metal deck roof, ridge caps and lightning rods. The lightning rods of this system are connected with the aid of flatbars. The Faraday Cage has been constructed by using metal flatbars.

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