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Light bulb recycling services

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With more and more households becoming 'green' and a general increase of sustainability on the national conscience, more people are also switching over to energy saving light bulbs. However, this is only part of the solution for an environmentally friendly shift in household lighting. Not many people realise how important it is for light bulbs to be disposed of carefully. With tens of millions of bulbs sent to landfills each year, particularly energy saving bulbs, the release of mercury into the ground can be harmful to the environment.

Light bulb recycling has always been difficult, but it is possible.

Light Bulb Recycling  are attuned to this problem and provide the means to safely and effectively dispose of light bulbs through bulb crushers or pick-up services. The components of the bulbs are separated and the mercury removed, allowing for the leftover material to be recycled. For example, the glass can still be used for glass wool insulation and the mercury for scientific instruments.

It is imperative to the environment to be recycling light bulbs and Light Bulb Recycling provides the means to do so.

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