Light Bulb Recycling

Light Bulb Recycling specialise in the recycling of light bulbs including fluorescent tube and compact fluorescent tube recycling systems.


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17/11/10 - Recycling pick-up services are available where Light Bulb Recycling collect large quantities of various types of electrical waste...
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16/11/10 - Light Bulb Recycling provide the means to safely and effectively dispose of light bulbs through bulb crushers or pick-up services.
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08/11/10 - Light Bulb Recycling discusses the importance of adequately disposing of CFLS (compact fluorescent lamps).
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11/10/10 - 140 litre wheelie bins from Light Bulb Recycling feature brighly coloured designs with secure, lockable lids fitted with rubber rosettes for easy identification and superb functionality.

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Tel: 1300 732 852

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