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article image Supports up to 2000 users.

MAGIC Cell is a remote access control device that opens gates and doors using a mobile phone.

Available from Liftmaster Electronics Pty Ltd , the device is connected to the gate or door control and is operated by receiving free charge calls from mobile and fixed line phones.

Magic Cell is a sophisticated ID card-based security system, although instead of using ID cards and readers, access is by mobile or fixed line phones. This alternative solution offers both user simplicity and enormous cost savings.

With a database of up to 2000 users with user groups and time zones, the Magic Cell is flexible and easily administrated.

Security levels include:

* Advanced - Authorised users are identified by their caller ID.

* Restrictive - Designated time sensitive access based on time slots and days through the administrative software that is included with each Magic Cell device. Authentication is done without ever charging the caller.

Magic Cell administration is conducted locally or remotely via a GSM modem, RS232 cable, or through SMS messages.

It is possible to manage the access rights of up to 2,000 users. The users can be managed in up to 16 groups with five time slots for each group.

Access can be restricted to particular times and days. For example, you can specify that a user group will be granted access during business hours and business days only.

Access rights can be also managed from a mobile phone. New users can be added and users deleted using SMS.

Applications include:

* Personal access for homes with far away gates or doors

* Caravan parks

* Where intercoms cannot be used

* Areas with radio interference

* Farms/rural areas.

Features include:

* Supports up to 2000 users

* 16 user groups with five time slots per group

* Multiple levels of security

* Remote-PC-SMS-based administration

* Local-PC administration via RS232 connection

* Lists of users can be seamlessly imported from Microsoft Excel

* Comprehensive reporting

* Small dimensions

* Plug-and-play.

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