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Vaculex TP vacuum lifters from Liftex Solutions

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Liftex Solutions  offers lifting and material handling solutions that include boxes, cartons and rigid containers. Boxes, cartons and rigid containers provided by Liftex Solutions include Vaculex TP and vacuum tube lifts. Vaculex TP is a vacuum lifter that has been specifically designed for parcel handling. This vacuum lifter ensures to provide safe as well as healthy working environment and suitable to be used in places like warehouses, postal centres, distribution centres and transportation sectors.

Vaculex TP vacuum lifter provided by Liftex Solutions has the capability to handle express parcel type applications. These vacuum lifters employ the same vacuum both for attaching the load as well as lifting the load and can be used for lifting boxes, cartons and satchels. Vaculex TP vacuum lifter has simple operation that makes this a user friendly lifting system. This vacuum lifter maintains good working speed that enhances the productivity. Vaculex vacuum lifter consists of overhead positioning systems for providing efficient lifting, horizontal movement as well as positioning of the load.

Microlex vacuum tube lifting systems provided by Liftex Solutions can be used for lifting small containers that contain paints, oil and foodstuffs. These vacuum tube lifting systems provide light as well as monotonous lifts. Microlex vacuum tube lifting systems comprise of protective valve for enabling safe lifts. These protective valves function by eliminating low pressure.

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