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Rolift roll lifting clamps and roll hooks from Liftex Solutions

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Liftex Solutions  offers cost effective lifting as well as materials handling solutions such as rolls and drums. Various rolls and drums provided by Liftex Solutions include G Force, Rolift roll lifting clamps and roll hooks. G Force enables to lift, position as well as pour the contents of a drum in controlled manner. This material handling solution also ensures to minimise effort and eliminates risk of injuries. This custom designed device can be attached with ease to the specific drum as well as pivots to enable controlled pouring. In instances, wherein the drum requires to be repositioned, this device adapts easily to the changed load of the drum.

Rolift roll lifting clamps provided by Liftex Solutions have the capability to attach quickly to the rolls having capacity ranging to about 200 kilograms. Rolift employs failsafe clamping mechanism for lifting rolls that possess cardboard cores having diameter of about 76.2 millimetres. These roll lifting clamps have simple operation and can also be attached either to an electric hoist or vacuum tube lifter.

Roll hooks offered by Liftex Solutions provide effective as well as simple roll handling that have been specifically designed to handle longer horizontally stored rolls. These roll hooks help to minimise worker fatigue as well as injury risks.

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