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Advice from Liftech Handling & Access - forklifts, buy or hire?

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There is a lot to consider when choosing between hiring or puchasing a forklift, and Liftech Handling & Access have some sound advice for making this decision.

Assuming the machine required is a conventional 2.5 tonne unit with commonly found specifications, the cost to buy a typical late model used unit is approx $14,000 + G.S.T, plus on-going maintenance costs. The cost for the hire of a similar unit over 12 months plus would be approx $30.00 + G.S.T per working day ($650.00 + G.S.T P.C.M) including maintenance.

Over a time span up to 5 years, taking into account maintenance, depreciation claimable, actual depreciation, interest on money borrowed, and future value etc. the financial calculations suggest at a usage rate of one hour per day a user should buy a forklift, and at a usage rate of two hours per day the user should hire their forklift.

This assumes that a user would purchase a machine with no inherent defects, the maintenance would be carried out by competent people, and the unit is operated within it’s capability.

Liftech Handling & Access have provided this advice on whether a forklift should be hired or bought as a useful rough guide, however the truth of the matter is the decision is entirely subjective and needs to be looked at on a case by case basis.

Liftech Handling & Access have a vast range of forklifts for sale or for hire, and they are there to provide forklift solutions from a totally impartial perspective. Use of their expertise is welcome, advice on whether to hire or purchase a forklift is always free, and so are site visits.

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