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Piesko Developers chooses Lidoran for its new project

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E. Chris Balatti – Project Manager for Piesko Developers contacted Lidoran Architectural regarding a challenging architectural design for a domestic house in Yellow Rock.

The project was to create a curved roof to complement the house design and the client’s wishes.

The first challenge was the location of the house. Nestled 20 minutes into the hills, west of Albion Park, the only access was a long windy, steep, country road.

26 meter sheeting was required for the job and this posed a definite problem due to the narrow road.

Lysaghts was the chosen supplier and together with Wayne Podlich – Operations Manager for LAR, they visited Yellow Rock to work out a solution in getting the materials there. It was decided a rear steered trailer would work, especially as the last 4 kilometers of road were particularly difficult.

The house was designed using steel framing with exposed steel finishing to the verandas.

Particular attention and care was needed to the exposed screw lines and underside of the sheeting

The sheets were craned onto the roof - Ace half round gutter was used and was hand curved onsite to compliment the exposed steel curved beams on the main veranda; a simple, modern, slightly industrial look was wanted.

The main roof was completed in 2 days.

The wall sheeting was made up of vertical corrugated custom orb and specially curved radius cappings, all provided by Lysaghts.

Next, a special feature was created to the interior of the house. The main living area was an L shape in which night sky roof sheeting was installed to the underside of the purlins creating a curved feature ceiling.

Details of the job and the how to evolved simultaneously as construction took place with joint creativity from Wayne, his team of roofers, the client and the project manager.

This home is to be featured in the upcoming Lysaghts’ Innovation magazine.

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