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Lidoran Roofing completes its most complex job to date

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Lidoran  Roofing has just completed its complex job to date, a 41,000m2 re-roof for one of the famous companies.

Lidoran Roofing had looked at the project a year earlier before being finally awarded the contract.

Lidoran was selected to carry out the works by the client’s project manager after he went looking for a reputable roofing company also skilled in asbestos removal.

The Project Manager had been enquiring about roofing companies and Lidoran’s name kept coming up as a company who could handle the scope of the project.

He then heard Lidoran advertising on the radio. Before receiving the order, the logistics of the program were discussed.

Stage 1, the metal re roof portion of 12,000m2 could only be done on Sundays and had to be completed before Christmas 06. As it was October Lidoran started to run out of Sundays. It finally arrived on 9th October, 2006 with a start date of 15th October the following Sunday.

Things really heated up at head quarters with an all hands on placing orders and allocating men.

First up went stair access, towers, edge protection and amenities. 6 days later 28 roofers arrived onsite with 8 truckloads of gear and one large 100 tonne crane.

Stage 1 was the removal of the old .42 Zincalum TrimDek and the installation of .48 Kingklip 700 with new 2mm wire mesh and 75mm insulation.

The first Sunday saw Lidoran complete 1200m2 of the 12000m2 area. Lidoran had done pretty well that day but not well enough considering the completion date for Stage 1 was 26th November, giving Lidoran 7 Sundays to complete 12,000m2 or 1,714m2 per day.

The following Sunday arrived and Lidoran was back into it again; this time it had to complete 1,714m2 plus some of the back log.

True to Lidoran form, by the days end it had re roofed 2500m2. Not bad, but not even close to its world record of 3500m2 re roofed in one day.

To cut a long story short it took Lidoran 8 weekends to complete Stage 1; one weekend behind schedule due to a rainy Sunday.

Stage 2 consisted of 39,000m2 of asbestos removal which was due to start 7th January 2007. This time the work could be done on both weekends and weekdays. As the building was occupied, Lidoran needed to create a barrier beneath the asbestos removal and roof works and that of the staff in the building.

The solution was to build a scaffold over the internal racking approx 1.5 meters under the roof. The platform was then sealed with plastic. The scaffold could only be built on Sundays.

Due to the scaffolding being erected, the warehouse lighting was rendered useless thus temporary lights were installed under the scaffold each Sunday afternoon.

During the week the boys re roofed that particular section and then the following weekend, around 1am Sunday morning, the lighting had to come down. This pattern was repeated weekend after weekend for some 26 weeks.

In addition all crane work could happen only on Sundays which makes the earlier comment about this job being Lidoran’s complex one to date, a bit of an understatement.

Luckily the boys had Saturdays free to rest, which was good timing as footy season was due to start. Lidoran faced many challengers on site including heat waves in summer through to ice on the roofs in winter adding to the degree of difficulty

Because the job was so large Lidoran needed BIG cranes to do the work. Lidoran used a 400 tonne crane onsite which had to be assembled on Saturday and then work only on Sundays, packed up Sunday night and be gone by Monday morning a pretty big feat considering the crane needed 2 cranes to assemble it and 11 semis to move all the gear that went with it.

Another part of its contract was the installation of ventilation and fire control systems for the 41,000m2 warehouse. This was totally new to Lidoran but it got the job done, all working and signed off.

At the height of operation; including delivery drivers, crane operators, scaffolders, roofers and cleaners, Lidoran had up to 62 men on site.

The staffs of the complex were good to work with and the project management worked like hand in glove to help Lidoran all get the job done.

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