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Lidoran Roofing Pty Ltd ;specialise in Metal Roofing, Metal ReRoofing and Asbestos Removal. Lidoran is a fully licensed roofing company, offering a full range of roofing services to all sectors. Achievement records in conducting a professional and service oriented approach is something Lidoran are proud of.


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04/12/09 - Lidoran Roofing recently removed 3,800 m² of asbestos roofing and replaced it with metal in just 10 hours, breaking their own asbestos removal record.
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09/04/09 - Lidoran Roofing have announced their new company logo to launch their expansion in 2009. The New Lidoran group now consists of 5 major companies in the Australian market namely, Lidoran Architectural roofing, Lidoran Environmental Services, Lidoran F
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22/12/08 - Lidoran Roofing carried out a roof replacement for a distribution warehouse that incurred damage during the Blacktown hailstorm. Lidoran Roofing operate a distribution warehouse that has six asbestos roofs on it.
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19/12/08 - This coating ensures that the roof and gutter system are watertight for 10 years, and at the same time reduces the internal ambient temperature, due to the infrared heat reflective qualities of the Energy Star roof coating product. The heat reflectiv
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Lidoran Roofing (Head office) Update these details
82 Vore St
NSW 2128
Tel: 02 9648 6991
Fax: 02 9648 4864

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